Backbone & Barter – How American Small Business thrives in tough times

No country in the history of the world has had a more robust, pioneering spirit combined with a can-do attitude as we Americans.  We’re fighters; smart, stubborn and strong to the core.  Our economy has reflected that fact for the past 70 years as it has led the world; and American small businesses are the backbone of that strong economy.  Small business owners have overcome some of the toughest periods in our history with fortitude, resiliency, and creativity.

Now, we are in unprecedented times as we are facing nearly complete shutdowns due to the Coronavirus.  This illness has overwhelmed our thoughts for over a month now—there is no aspect of our lives that hasn’t been affected.  There’s no toilet paper to be found, people are scared to sneeze or cough in public, and all of our pets are confused as to why they no longer have the house to themselves.  I sense most of us are entering a siege mentality in preparation for an extended fight against Covid-19 and we know the economy is going to take a major hit.

Many business owners today are concerned about their cash flow due to commerce drying up in the face of the fight against the virus.  But cash liquidity has always been an issue during all those other tough times; so how did small businesses cope then?  They worked together while bartering and trading with other companies for things they needed in order to save cash while they rebuilt

The good news is that in the 21st century, saving cash in your business through the tools of barter and trade is easier than ever before because of modern trade exchange platforms like my company Tradebank.  Members in the exchange have the ability to accept and make payments with each other using an alternative form of currency called Trade dollars which they earn by providing their goods and services.  This allows trading in a multi-directional manner to take place which eliminates the need to find a 1-on-1 partner that has a reciprocal interest in what you provide.

The good news is I believe we’re going to make it through this and be the stronger for it.  Why do I believe this?  Because we’re Americans, that’s why.  We overcame hardships before, and we can—and WILL—do it again.  Also, I believe that once again, small businesses in America will lead the charge in getting us back on track just as they did during the Great Depression, World War II, and post 9/11.  Small businesses came together, found creative ways to make things better, worked in their communities to help their neighbors.  They kept things moving forward. 

I encourage every business owner reading this to check out my website at to learn more about how you can improve your cash flow amidst this temporarily faltering economy.  I’m sure that out of the thousands and thousands of members in our exchange, there will be companies that you can work with to your benefit just like small businesses have done for centuries in this country.

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